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Outdoor Services

It was announced that we can do outdoor services. Unfortunately, it only pertains to haircuts. Please fill out this form honestly below to give me a better idea of your thoughts and availability. If I were to do this, I would not be receiving unemployment and therefore would affect my livelihood.


If I were to open up for outdoor haircuts only, all appointments would be tentative based on the temperature outside and how windy it is. I've already done outdoor haircuts when we were open before and have learned that 73 degrees is almost to hot to work in and also for you to be under a cape. I've also learned that if it is a little windy it is miserable with the hair flying everywhere.

Would you be open to having an outdoor haircut? (I will have an umbrella up to help shade us.)
The county of Sacramento has said that I am unable to start earlier than 7 am. Appointments would have to be depending on the heat (I will not be doing hair in 73 degrees or more) and if it is windy (even a slight breeze can makethe hair fly into your face). What times would you be able to come in at? Please select all that apply.
Do you understand that any appointments scheduled for outside are tentative based on heat and wind?
Due to the nature of being outside and not having all my tools easily accesible and taking a risk with them being out in the elements, my haircut prices will be full price. There will be no discounts given for not washing and blowdrying the hair. I can dry style to the best of my abilities. Do you understand?
Do you understand that all the previous requirements for hand sanitizer, masks, only one client at a time etc. all still are required?

Thanks for submitting!

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